Personal details

Position: Assistant Professor

Specialty: Athletes’ Physical Health Evaluation

Department: Sports Medicine

Laboratory: Sports Medicine

Current administrative positions:

  • Member of the General Assembly,
  • Member of the Commission of Pregraduate program studies,
  • Member of Executive Committee (InterSchool Post-graduate program “Sports & Health”)

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Contact details

Office: Sports Medicine Lab, Building of Laboratories, 3 rd floor, TEFFA, Campus of Thermi

Tel: 0030 2310 992188

Fax: 0030 2310 992188


Student consultation: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 09:00-11:00



  • Physical Education & Sports Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1996),
  • Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2012)

PhD: Human Performance and Health (2001)


Undergraduate courses:

  • Descriptive and Functional Anatomy,
  • Sports Medicine, Swimming &
  • Physical Health,
  • Lifeguarding

Postgraduate courses:

  • Ergogenic Aids-Special Issues of Nutrition,
  • Sports Medicine


Research interests:

  • Pre-participation screening of athletes,
  • prevention of sudden cardiac death in athletes,
  • doping,
  • clinical exercise physiology,
  • health disorders in swimming,
  • exercise induced adaptations of cardiovascular,
  • respiratory and autonomic nervous system


  • Human Performance and Health in Football. Answers in 100 questions.
  • N. Koutlianos, Ch. Christoudis. Sportbook, Thessaloniki, 2014.

Selected publications (up to 10):

  1. G.A. Christou, E.J. Kouidi, M.A. Anifanti, P.G. Sotiriou, N.A. Koutlianos, A.P. Deligiannis. Pathophysiological mechanisms of noncardiac syncope in athletes. Int J Cardiol; 1(224): 20-26, 2016
  2. A.P. Deligiannis, E.J. Kouidi, N.A. Koutlianos, V. Karagiannis, M.A. Anifanti, K. Tsorbatzoglou, D. Farmakis, C. Avgerinos, D.N. Mameletzi, A.P. Samara. Eighteen years’ experience applying old and current strategies in the pre-participation cardiovascular screening of athletes. Hellenic J Cardiol; 55(1):32-41, 2014.
  3. N. Koutlianos, E. Dimitros, T. Metaxas, A.S. Deligiannis, E. Kouidi. Indirect Estimation of VO 2 max in athletes by ACSM’s equation: Valid or not? Hippokratia; 17(2): 136-140, 2013.
  4. E. Dimitros, N. Koutlianos, M. Anifanti, E. Pagourelias, E. Kouidi, A. Deligiannis. Comparative study of ECG and echocardiographic parameters indicative of cardiac hypertrophy in athletes. Sport Sci Health; 8(2-3): 101-107, 2013.
  5. D. Patikas, A. Kansizoglou, N. Koutlianos, C.A. Williams, K. Hatzikotoulas, E. Bassa, C. Kotzamanidis. Fatigue and recovery in children and adults during sustained contractions at 2 different submaximal intensities. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab; 38(9):953-9, 2013.
  6. V. Christoforidi, N. Koutlianos, P. Deligiannis, E. Kouidi, A. Deligiannis. Heart rate variability in free diving athletes. Clin Physiol Func Im; 32(2): 162-166, 2012.
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  8. M. Pagkalos, N. Koutlianos, E. Kouidi, E. Pagkalos, N. Koutlianos, A. Deligiannis. Heart rate variability modifications following exercise training in type 2 diabetic patients with definite cardiac autonomic neuropathy. BJSM; 42: 47-54, 2007.
  9. T. Metaxas, T. Sendelides, N. Koutlianos, K. Mandroukas. Seasonal variation of aerobic performance in soccer players according to positional role. J Sports Med Phys Fitness; 46(4):520-5, 2006.
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Reviewer in journals:

  • Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports,
  • Hippokratia,
  • Medical Engineering and Physics,
  • Κινησιολογία,
  • Επιθεώρηση Βιοχημείας και Φυσιολογίας της Άσκησης,
  • Ελληνική Ιατρική,
  • Γυναίκα και Άθληση

Citations (Σ citations in Scopus): 185

h-index στο Scopus: 7