• Therapeutic implementation of the exercise in patients with chronic diseases
  • Preparticipation health screening in athletes
  • Non invasive methods for the prognosis of sudden cardiac death in athletes
  • Doping in sports
  • Applications of the transtelephonic electrocardiographic transmission in sports field
  • The effects of physical rehabilitation on psychological support and social re-integration of patients with end-stage renal disease
    Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, Greece
  • Physical rehabilitation in patients with end-stage renal disease
    Ministry of Health
  • Physical rehabilitation in children with leukemia and lymphomas
    Ministry of Public Health, Greece
  • Health evaluation of athletes
  • Biomedical Side effects of Doping
    EU project
  • Exercise and quality of life in chronic diseases
    Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • Fight against doping
    EU project
  • Information Campaign of the Biomedical Side effects of Doping.
    EU project
  • Fidippidis Program
    Hellenic Institute of Cardiology
  • Medical evaluation of amateur athletes of Thessaloniki in their athletic centers
    Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Harmonising the knowledge about Biomedical Side effects of Doping
    EU project
  • Health protection of amateur soccer players of Thessaloniki
    Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Intelligent Telematics to monitor biological parameters in athletes. Athletes' e-health
    ESPA 2007-2013
  • Medical screening of amateur football players
  • Programme "Sweαty Hearts"
    European Programme ERASMUS + SPORT
  • A European collaborative and innovative partnership to promote physical activity after stroke event
    European Programme ERASMUS + EDUCATION
  • The effects of systemic exercise training on cardiac autonomic nervous system activity in hypertensive patients
    S. Kaliatzidou, M. Anifanti, A. Kaltsatou, N. koutlianos, E. Kouidi, A. Deligiannis
    9th Northern Greece Cardiology Congress, Thessaloniki
  • The effects of exercise training on non-invasive variables for cardiac risk stratification in hemodialysis patients
    E. Kouidi, A. Sioulis, G. Koukouvou, E. Konstantinidou, D. Grekas, A. Deligiannis
    XXXXIIIth EDTA-European Nephrology Association Congress, Glasgow.
  • Psychosocial effects of exercise training during dialysis in uraemic patients under epoietin therapy
    E. Kouidi, D. Grekas, S. Ouzouni, A. Iakovides, A. Deligiannis
    XXXXIInd EDTA- European Nephrology Association Congress, Istanbul.
  • Functional effects of exercise training in survivors of childhood leukaemia
    P. Kontaxi, E. Kouidi, D. Zafeiriou, D. Koliouskas, A. Deligiannis
    XXVII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine, Budapest.
  • Depression, heart rate variability and exercise training in dialysis patients
    E. Kouidi, D. Grekas, A. Iakovides, A. Deligiannis, A. Tourkantonis
    XXXIXth EDTA-European Nephrology Association Congress, Copenhagen.
  • Left ventricular function following long-term physical training in dialysis patients
    A. Deligiannis, E. Κοuidi, D. Grekas, S. Vassiliou, A. Tourkantonis
    XXXVIIIth EDTA-European Nephrology Association Congress, Vienna.
  • Our 7-year experience from the exercise rehabilitation programs in patients
    E. Kouidi, G Samara, G. Koukouvou, E. Konstantinidou, Th. Kalogerakou, A. Deligiannis
    1st PanCyprian and 2nd Greek-Cypriot congress of sports medicine, Nicosia
  • Cardiorespiratory adaptations to long-term physical training in dialysis patients
    E. Kouidi, S. Vassiliou, D. Grekas, A. Deligiannis, A. Tourkantonis
    XXXVIIth EDTA-European Nephrology Association Congress, Nice.
  • Microvolt T-wave alternans (TWA) in hemodialysis (HD) patients
    A. Deligiannis, E. Kouidi, E. Konstantinidou, A. Tourkantonis
    XXXVIth EDTA-European Nephrology Association Congress, Madrid.
  • Τhe effects of long-term physical training on cardiac autonomic outflow in dialysis patients
    A. Deligiannis, E. Κοuidi, S. Vassiliou, P. Gigis, A. Tourkantonis
    13th Annual Meeting of American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Denver.
  • Effect of exercise training on muscle atrophy in hemodialysis patients
    E. Kouidi, M. Albani, O. Guiba-Tziampiri, A. Deligiannis, A. Tourkantonis
    XXXIIIrd EDTA-European Nephrology Association Congress, Amsterdam.
  • Ηeart rate variability in athletes
    A. Deligiannis, E. Kouidi
    37th Annual World Congress of International College of Angiology, Finland.
  • Skåne University Hospital - Dept of Nephrology in Lund
  • St George’s Hospital