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The Sports Medicine Laboratory of TEFAA Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is a modern institution applying state of the art technology for high quality research. This is exemplified by the publications in the top journals what reflects the high quality international research teams and demonstrates the effective utilization of the research support.The scientists in Sports Med LAB were the partners of numerous prestigious grants, including the Erasmus Sport ‘Sweaty Heart” Grant.

The team at the Lab since more than 20 years has been investigating the cardiovascular, psychological and other effects of exercise training in patients with chronic diseases, as coronary heart diseases, heart failure, neuromuscular diseases, stroke, kidney diseases etc. Especially, they have investigated the effects of exercise training on cardiac autonomic system, on cardiac anatomy and function, on quality of life indices and more in patients with myodystrophy. Finally, the members of Sports Medicine Laboratory have top quality experience in cardiovascular preparticipation screening of athletes. The Lab is the most famous sports cardiology center in Greece, and since 1993 more than 30,000 athletes have past examination. The expertise in various medical biotechnology tools, translational research and recognition of the need for novel approaches to understand the mechanisms of normal and diseased heart function in relation to their adaptive approach to exercise has the chance to be really efficiently combined in the frame of Sports Med Lab.

The high level of research is possible also thanks to the modern equipment, organized in the form of the core facilities. Moreover, the Lab has benefit from the facility to be cooperated with exercise trainers, expertise namely in the area of rehabilitation. The expertise and extensive scientific recognition of the Director , Prof. Evangelia Kouidi, who is an author of numerous publications in the field of cardiovascular and renal rehabilitation, will be of special help for the new project. The links which E. Kouidi has created in the last years with the Exercise Physiology Section of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, as well as with European Association of Rehabilitation in Chronic Kidney Disease has be instrumental for efficient establishment of the Sports Med Lab in the area of rehabilitation. Ten times, her research studies in rehabilitation have awards for excellence in International Congresses.

Moreover, the work of Emeritus Professor Asterios Deligiannis, past Director of Lab, focuses on sports cardiology and aims to identify the mechanisms by which cardiovascular system response to exercise and adaptive to chronic intense training. Dr Deligiannis co-operation will be recruited on the basis of his high level expertise documented by quality of publications and experience in managing the research projects. In the new proposal, the leaders of the research project will be supported by the team who will be recruited on the basis of their high level expertise in the area of exercise physiology and training. The research the Sports Med Lab performs is also undoubtedly of the great social meaning, hence the special stress is placed on the issues at the borderline between science and its policy, including managing intellectual property rights and ethics of research.

Laboratory of Sports Medicine
Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Building of Laboratories, 3 rd floor, TEFFA, Campus of Thermi

MyWay project

MyWay project: Α european collaborative and innovative partnership to develop, implement and transfer innovative practices related to physical activity enhancing health in post-stroke patients.

MyWay project


Prof. E. Kouidi

A collaborative partnership to develop, implement and evaluate a model of long-term physical activity and behavioral change in CHD European patients


An exercise program suitable for patients with CHD, free of charge.


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